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The Translation Centre of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs was launched in 1990 and from its inception the main task of its staff has been to translate the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) and the regulations, directives, decisions and recommendations adopted under that agreement. The unit staff has also translated international agreements and other legal texts where standardised vocabulary is required, e.g. Schengen acquis, free trade agreements and conventions of the Council of Europe.

Terms and phrases have been collected at the Translation Centre, in connection with the translation of the EEA Agreement and various legal texts falling under that agreement. Most of the terms belong to the specific subject domains of the EEA Agreement and have been extracted from the abovementioned EEA documents. The termbase also contains many legal and administrative terms as well as names of international agreements, institutions, committees, councils etc. Many of the legislative texts, which fall under the EEA Agreement deal with subjects concerning the rights and interests of the general public, e.g. social rights, food safety, consumer issues, the environment and labour law. These texts, as translated, are either incorporated directly into Icelandic legislation or they form the basis of Icelandic laws and regulations. The glossary of the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) has also been added to the Termbase.

At the Translation Centre, terminology work is carried out and neologisms are coined in collaboration with subject matter experts. The entire staff of the Translation Centre has participated in the development of the Termbase. The Icelandic equivalents of terms have largely been provided by the translators themselves but subject matter experts from a wide variety of public agencies, the academic community, corporations and various organisations etc. have also made contributions to the Termbase. The Termbase is a product of the terminology work carried out at the Translation Centre. Currently there are over 74 000 entries each of which includes 6-8 information fields. New terms are added on a regular basis.

The Term Bank is open to all free of charge.

Note- The Termbase is the property of the Translation Centre of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and has been developed by its staff. It is permissible to reuse information from the Termbase, cf. Chapter VII of The Information Act No. 140/2012, provided the source of the information is mentioned. The editor of the Termbase is Sigrún Þorgeirsdóttir and its Webmaster is Reynir Gunnlaugsson. Ásta Kristín Hauksdóttir Wiium (Terminologist), Björgvin R. Andersen (Terminologist), Brynjólfur Sveinsson (Senior translator), Gunnhildur Stefánsdóttir (Senior translator), Hálfdan Ó. Hálfdanarson (Terminologist), and Sindri Guðjónsson (Senior translator) have also participated in editing the Termbase.

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